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Welcome. This is Heavy Mental. We are Rhys and Leila, a couple from Cardiff exploring the multi-faceted (and often complex) topic of mental health via the medium of podcasting. Fuelled by caffeine and a lust for Alan Partridge quotes, come join us on this explorative journey as we fumble around candidly with mental health. Take this as a bit of a disclaimer: we're not medical professionals and neither of us are trained to offer advice. We are simply sharing our own personal experiences with mental health, in the hope that they might help somebody else somehow. The primary aims of this podcast are to educate, inform and reduce the stigma that (unfortunately) still comes with discussing the various maladies of the mind, and if we can entertain you in the process of doing that, all the better. In this first episode: we give you an introduction to Heavy Mental, what you can expect from future episodes, the origin of the name and a brief discussion about when is the right time for someone suffering to seek help. It's not all doom and gloom (we promise). Expect to find personal stories, a lot of laughter and laid-back chatter. If you enjoyed this podcast, please rate, share and subscribe. You know what to do you lovely people. Expect a new episode every Monday! Rhys + Leila X

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