The Heavy Mental Podcast

Planning A Wedding: A Survival Guide with Leila & Rhys

Episode Summary

Hey gang, we're now wed, and as such, you can now collectively refer to us as "The Kings"! We decided to take a little break from the pod to focus on finalising last minute wedding plans and enjoying our honeymoon, but now we're now back, suitably refreshed and sit before the mics once more, raring to get nattering. Given that we JUST got married and it was the biggest (and best) day of our lives, we thought for this episode, we'd talk about our experience: primarily, the stresses, worries and anxieties that can come with planning a wedding — especially if you're prone to suffering with anxiety to any degree (Mr King). (In the business of full disclosure: Leila planned it all down to the fine details, and I did very little and instead, worried about everything that could go wrong.) Thematically, we cover: stress, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, arguing, medication, performance anxiety, catastrophising, last minute changes, worrying, post wedding blues and nerves. But ALSO the good stuff: love, family, friendships, excitement, celebration, community and...partying the night away. We hope you enjoy the episode, people. Continue to like, rate, share and subscribe. PS - We now have theme music thanks to Darren King of Buffalo Summer (and other such ventures). I'm sure you'll agree, it's a belter! Leila & Rhys (The Kings) X