The Heavy Mental Podcast

Self-Love: From Surviving To Thriving with Jack Walton

Episode Summary

This week we sat down with the lovely Jack Walton. Jack is a mental health advocate, writer, author, podcaster and all-round positive ray of light from Birmingham. Things got really tough for Jack when he began secondary school, when he started to feel like he was different. These differences are now something he's learned to celebrate, by embracing who he really is through self-love and acceptance. As Jack says during the episode: “For me it was always about fitting in. Now, I adore standing out and being different and I embrace it”. In terms of themes, we talk: spirituality, sexuality, self-love, anxiety, PTSD, being bullied, self-belief, the power of the mind, the mind / body connection, positivity, mindset, manifestation, being yourself, living in the moment, social media, therapy, the law of attraction, and how Jack turned it all around by learning to think and speak to himself differently. There's a HUGE amount to take away from this episode, so we hope you enjoy as much as we did. Have a great week people!

Episode Notes

You can check out Jack on Instagram here (@iamjackwalton) and his book “Being The Best You” can be found on Amazon.

You can listen to Jack's podcast "A Slice of Life" on Spotify, here.

Jack's favourite book that he mentions is "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay and you can find a link to that, here.