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SAD: Living For Summer

Episode Summary

So, what is "SAD", exactly? Well, it stands for "seasonal affective disorder", and those who suffer with it (our Leila), tend to experience seasonal bouts of depression during the darker months of the year. This is thought to be due to a lack of direct exposure to sunlight. (She's basically the opposite of a vampire.) It would seem that along with our need for food, water, movement and rest, we human beings also need to ensure we prioritise getting some rays in from that big, burning orb in the sky. We're exactly the same as plants then it would seem. Complicated, complex and emotionally unpredictable plants. In this episode, Leila shares her own experience with SAD through the years, including how she recognised it, what steps she took to remedy it, and what life looks like for her now. Enjoy pals. Rhys X

Episode Notes

The light-emitting earbuds I reference during the episode are called "HumanChargers" and you can find out more about them, here. If you've used them and have had any success, please get in touch.

The song I butchered during this episode is called "The Worst Is Yet To Come" and is by the metalcore band Still Remains. If you wanted to know what 2005 sounded like, you can find out here.

Rhys X