The Heavy Mental Podcast

Relationships: It's Me, Not You

Episode Summary

This week, Leila tried to call off the wedding because I drank her squash, so we decided to explore the impact our mental health has on not only our relationship, but the various relationships we have with other folks in our lives — both past and present. Encompassing friendships, romantic interests, family members and colleagues, we aimed to explore (and ramble on through) the broad variety of personal human relationships. So, there's no need to skip out on this one if you happen to be single, folks. Are you dragged into the abyss by someone else feeling low, or are you able to keep afloat? Lei and I are a bit of both to be honest, and luckily, we both managed to survive the previous week with our heads above the waves. Also, we found that this topic needed a fair bit of exploring, so this turned out to be our longest episode to date. We hope you all enjoy. (Luckily, the wedding is still on.) Rhys X

Episode Notes

If you wanted to find out more about stoicism, I recommend reading this book by Ryan Holiday called "The Daily Stoic". It's really easy-to-read and jam-packed full of wisdom.

Oh, you came here because you wanted to find out more about "the death of a thousand cuts", didn't you? Well, you can read about that here.

Rhys X