The Heavy Mental Podcast

Creative Experimentation with James Chant (Matsudai Ramen)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with James Chant: the man behind the foodie favoured popup currently taking Cardiff’s indie food scene by storm, Matsudai Ramen. James describes himself as a “dweeb who becomes easily obsessed with things” and his current fixation: serving up banging bowls of ramen. The interesting thing about James’ story is, he never aspired to work in a kitchen, let alone start his own food pop-up. Matsudai was a complete left turn in his life, one that at 40, he never could've anticipated. We chat about conditions which led to the creation of Matsudai and the importance of "creative experimentation" in finding your authentic self. Thematically, we chat: Experimentation, depression, creativity, medication, music, self-help, rest, learning, procrastination, being obsessive, building momentum, the indie food scene in Cardiff, the role creativity plays in mental health, starting a popup, imposter syndrome, authenticity, music and how story can help in developing a brand. Hope you get some value out of this one folks, 'cause I know I did!

Episode Notes

You can find Matsudai Ramen over on their website, here, where you'll also find a link to book a table! 

On Instagram, here. Twitter, here. And Facebook, right here.