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Parenting & Managing Your Mental Health with Claudia Rose Carter (& Rhys)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Claudia Rose Carter. Claudia is a photographer and mother to a 6-year-old boy called Jesse, who she describes as “fiercely independent”, and it’s no surprise either, as this sense of autonomy has been cultivated within him from a young age. Claudia manages her own photography business, shooting primarily weddings, and is based in Warwickshire. She seeks authenticity and connection in everything she does. It always comes back to connection for her. For Claudia, being a mother didn’t exactly come naturally to her. She had to learn things over time and on the fly. She also says that Jesse has been one of her greatest teachers, allowing her to understand a great deal about herself and since he came into the world, she’s been more grateful for each and every day. It was becoming a mother that made Claudia all the more aware of her own mortality and this is reflected in the mission statement she adopts as a parent: that she’s trying to teach Jesse how to be a human without her. That’s the primary theme of this episode: motherhood — an honest, open account of what is to be a parent while working for yourself, travelling, moving and processing the end of a relationship. Due to this, Claudia was led towards having counselling, something that she saw as a necessary exploration of her own mind. By having these sessions, she was able to “start to work her head out”, as she says. She soon realised how much a toll the years had taken on her own mental health. Hindsight always seems to bestow upon us a great sense of clarity. Thematically, there’s also: Mindset, self-awareness, creativity, confidence, self-doubt, authenticity, connection, social media, being a parent during lockdown, being the black sheep, relationships the photography industry, travel, family and post-natal depression. Also of note, this conversation took place BEFORE the UK lockdown, so no rules were broken here, just FYI people.

Episode Notes

You can find Claudia on Instagram, here and a link to her website, right here

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