The Heavy Mental Podcast

OCD: The Floor Is Lava with Damo Morgan

Episode Summary

We have our very first guest this week on Heavy Mental — the first of many! Damo Morgan (IG: @mynameisdamo) is a musician (and good friend o' mine) from South Wales, UK. He kindly took the time out of his Sunday to journey up to Cardiff and chat with us about his unique experience living with OCD. Oh, also, if you happen to be looking for a stellar, professional and all-round spectacular wedding / function band (with exceptional cleanliness), look no further than The Beats (IG: @thebeatsuk)! We hope you enjoy this one, because we sure enjoyed chatting to Damo. Another guest will be on next week's episode and we're already looking forward to it. Take some time out of your day, unwind and get a little self care in. Don't suffer in silence. Rhys X

Episode Notes

First off, check out The Beats on Facebook. If you want to see a video of them in action, click here. You can find their IG page here.

For more information about OCD, the NHS can point you in the right direction here.

As Damo said during the episode, OCD Action is also another great resource for support.

Rhys X