The Heavy Mental Podcast

Navigating Life with Dottie James & Patty Walters (Leila & Rhys)

Episode Summary

A few weeks ago, we took our first ever pod road trip to sunny Brighton, and while we were there, we chatted all things mental health with Leila’s pals and creative couple, Dottie James and Patty Walters; Dottie is a writer and poet, and Patty is the frontman of Brighton-based rock band, “As It Is”. Dottie was recently diagnosed with OCD and speaks openly about her experience with the illness, and Patty talks about anxiety, managing his mental health on tour and a whole lot more. They also both talk about how they both support each other during mental health struggles and how this strengthens their relationship. In terms of themes covered in the episode, we cover everything from: OCD, mental health on the road, the creative process, creative expression, authenticity, introversion and extroversion, relationships, social media, existential crises, supporting each other during mental health struggles, finding your path and general navigating through life. Thank you for inviting us into your home for a chat Dottie and Patty!

Episode Notes

You can find Dottie on Insta: here, on YouTube: here, and on Patreon: here.

You can find Patty on IG: here and keep up to date with all things "As It Is" on their website: here.

We also mention Heads Above The Waves during the episode, and you can find out more about them on their website, here. If you want to purchase some of their sweet looking merch with a message, have a look right here.