The Heavy Mental Podcast

Finances: No Money, Mo Problems with Leila & Rhys

Episode Summary

Money is the root of all...*insert your personal meaning here*. A while ago, one of our listeners messaged to say they’d like to hear an episode on mental health and finances. We both have completely different relationships with money, so when we started to unpeel the layers, we realised how much there was to say. Though we only cover our personal experiences with (and without) money, we realised just how complex those relationships are. From having money and feeling guilty about having more than others, to not having it and worrying about where the next pay check is coming from, we discuss the highs and lows that come as part of the financial ride; which, whether you like it or not, is a massive part of human existence. Is money everything, is it nothing or is it somewhere in between?

Episode Notes

In terms of resources mentioned, you can find out further advice in relation to money, here. Mental Health & Money Advice provides clear, practical advice and support for people experiencing issues with mental health and money. They give options for people who need treatment and can’t afford therapy, options for dealing with debts and support for those with financial worries.

You can find the link to the Mind page on finances, here. They provide tips for everyday living and go through: understanding your behaviour, talking things through with someone you trust, getting organised, getting professional advice, looking after yourself AND there are real others’ stories on there that make for interesting reading.

Finally, we reference The Longest Battle Podcast at the end of the episode, and you can find out more about the podcast and its creator Emma Martins, over at their website, here.