The Heavy Mental Podcast

Stumbling Blocks, Losing Momentum & The Future with Rhys & Leila

Episode Summary

It's been a while, hasn't it? One whole month since our last episode in fact, so firstly we'd like to take the opportunity to say sorry about that folks! Secondly, thank you for all of your kind messages of support and for being so patient with us — we're alive and well and back in front of the mics once more to talk mental matters! In this episode, we chat about both of our mental health of late, but as always, this chinwag zig-zags into all sorts of themes. Here's a little cross-section of what you can expect: Highs and lows, losing momentum, post wedding blues, relationships and mental health, SAD, routines, self care, getting back on track, toxic positivity, love languages, therapy and learning to honour your feelings. A LOT. We also take the time to talk about the future of Heavy Mental and what we have planned, so this is definitely an episode not to be missed. Lots more to come on the horizon. Thanks again for sticking with us. Much love, Rhys

Episode Notes

Shout out to Fiona Thomas who we reference in this episode. She's an author/writer/freelancer that writes about anxiety and depression. You can find her on Insta right here. You can find an Amazon link to her book entitled "Depression In A Digital Age" right here