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ME: Life With A Chronic Illness with Abi Trotman

Episode Summary

This week, we sat down with Abi Trotman; a Brand & Marketing Strategist from our fair city of Cardiff. Abi's a proud new mother to son Olin, and is also the wife of previous guest (and all-round good dude), Alex Sedgmond from Episode 17! Abi is a long-term sufferer of a chronic illness known as "ME" (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). In this episode, she talks us through her illness from her initial diagnosis at just 11 years old, through to the present day, along with the reality of being homeschooled, losing numerous friendships due to illness, what a "flair up" does to her physical and mental health, the discrimination she's experienced throughout her life and on top of it all, how she manages to be a mum with so much else going on behind the scenes. Abi's approach and attitude to ME was not only inspiring and educational for us both, but we were also struck by how articulately and openly she spoke about a chronic illness that we (the collective) still seem to know so little about. Buckle up, gang. You're in for a good 'un. Thank you Abi!

Episode Notes

The movie that Abi references is called Unrest and you can find a trailer for that, here.

For further information on ME, you should check out: ME Association, Action For ME,