The Heavy Mental Podcast

The Staying Sane In Isolation Episode with Leila & Rhys

Episode Summary

As promised, last weekend, my lady wife and I sat down to have a natter about ways we can try and keep ourselves sane during this incredibly weird and surreal time. Oh, and, I’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to… We chat: Getting out of a funk, maintaining routine, faking your walk to work, checking in with people, being mindful of your pacifiers (too many to list for me), how to keep things on track, isolation food issues, identifying bad behaviours, working on yourself, not working on yourself, moderation, excess, finding your own thing and being kind — to yourself and others. (I think I’ll be listening back to this one myself!) We had a load of fun doing this episode, so if anyone has any other suggestions for Leila and I to chat about, ping us a DM. And, if you got some value out of this episode, tell a mate. Share away. Take care people. Rhys

Episode Notes

Leila's been YouTubing again, so if you fancy looking at some experimental vegan cuisine (and hear me in the background doing silly voices), go here

As discussed, if you want to use this time to learn a new skill, or hone an existing one, you can find out more about Skillshare, right here