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Heavy Mental Special: My Health Anxiety Hell with Rhys

Episode Summary

So, this episode is a little bit different to our usual recordings, in that Leila's not here and there are no guests. It's me (Rhys) all on my bear with me! A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about my hellish experience with health anxiety called: The Hypochondriac's Guide To Health Anxiety. I posted this on my personal blog and shared it on Facebook and Reddit — on the HA subreddit. The response I had from HA sufferers and non-sufferers alike was INSANE. I had so many emails, DMs and messages. For some unknown reason, SO many people connected with it. And I was completely blown away by the response. On this basis, I thought I'd experiment by bringing the blog post to life with an audio version...and this very episode is in fact that version! This is my no-holds-barred, unfiltered and personal take on my various health anxiety experiences, as well as some practical takeaway tips that helped me in my journey towards recovery. I discuss my experience in detail, so consider this a trigger warning! I hope you enjoy and get some value from this one. Don't suffer in silence, folks. Reach out. Talk to somebody you trust. Seek professional help. See your GP if you're concerned. Don't bottle it up. You've got this. Help is out there. And remember: don't Google your symptoms! Have a great week everyone! Rhys X

Episode Notes

For those interested in the written version, you can find the blog post version, right here.

For further information and help with health anxiety, you can check out the Anxiety UK page, here. And the ADAA website, here.