The Heavy Mental Podcast

Health Anxiety: A Hypochondriac's Guide

Episode Summary

*RHYS' BRAIN* Hmmm, that’s a weird rash? Wonder what’s caused that... I’ll just Google it... OH MY GOD IT’S LEPROSY?! I’M DYING OF LEPROSY! Ring any bells? In this episode, Rhys speaks about his intricate relationship with "Health Anxiety", which is as true to form as it sounds. To suffer from this nasty mental malady, is to have an entirely unhealthy amount of worry about your personal health, to the point that it can (and probably will) make you physically ill. As always, delivered with a humorous tone, it’s an honest account of how the mind can play cruel tricks on you — and as discussed during the episode — it resulted in Rhys willingly offering himself up (and paying) for numerous rectal examinations...if you want to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and understand what it feels like to suffer from Health Anxiety, press play now. Leila X