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Unpacking Grief with Alex Sedgmond

Episode Summary

In this episode, I speak with my pal — and our first returning guest — Alex Sedgmond. Alex is a photographer from Cardiff who “favours curiosity and exploring the least conventional path”. Firstly, if you haven’t heard our earlier episode with Alex, I’d recommend delving back into our archive to Episode 17 entitled “Creativity & Self Doubt: Focus On Connection”, in which we talk about Alex’s creative process, and his issues with both self-doubt and social This new episode builds upon our last conversation and primarily, it focuses around Alex losing his Dad as a teenager, how he dealt with grief and now, how he’s revisiting the old memories and feelings that he “packed away in boxes”; compartmentalised in his mind. In terms of themes, we talk: Processing grief, death, illness, authenticity, self-doubt, the inner critic, perfectionism, being a dad, vulnerability, being curious, wanting to be better, the power of writing, being bullied, hypervigilance, anger issues, the search for acceptance, the fear of being misunderstood, counselling, losing sight of who you are, the “stiff upper lip” mentality, and growing up in a military family. I want to take this opportunity to commend Al for being so bloody honest. It’s not an easy feat to sit opposite from someone and share your deepest thoughts and feelings, but he did just that. Al’s transparency led to a really connected, open and authentic talk about what is more often than not, a very difficult topic to discuss. This is two mates. At a table. Having a frank conversation about mental health.

Episode Notes

You can find Alex on Instagram, here.

And a link to Alex's website, here

For more help on coping with grief, I've found a really informative bit on the Cancer Research website, right here