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Empathy, Vulnerability & Emotional Wayfaring with Nōn Wels (You Me Empathy Podcast)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I speak with Nōn Wels. Nōn is the dude behind "You Me Empathy" — a podcast for "heart-led feely humans to share their mental health stories". During our chat, in terms of themes, we talk: Vulnerability, empathy, emotional wayfaring, eating disorders, writing, the importance of self-care, consistency, boundaries, creating when mentally suffering, exercise, mindfulness, getting into your body, the importance of therapy and finding your why. We also talk about Nōn’s background and how "You Me Empathy" started, as well as his grand plans for the future. Specifically, "The Feely Human Collective" — an expansion of You Me Empathy and online collaborative platform for all things mental health and beyond.

Episode Notes

You can find out more about Nōn at his website, here. And you can follow You Me Empathy on Instagram, right here