The Heavy Mental Podcast

Creativity & Self Doubt: Focus On Connection with Alex Sedgmond

Episode Summary

In this week’s episode, we sit down with self-professed “hairy dude with holes in his ears” and purveyor of “raw and honest” photography, the talented Mr. Alex Sedgmond. We chat to Al about the creative process, as well as his experiences with self-doubt and social anxiety. We also go through the importance of finding meaning, connection, and something worth struggling for during out short time here as “a tiny dot on a giant blue dot in the middle of a massive black abyss” — we loved the visuals Al’s words conjured up. We also loved the way that he’d drop in particularly unique character voices here and there — listen out for the 90-year-old woman! Self-doubt and the creative process often go hand in hand, but as Al says: “If you’ve got the idea and you’ve got the fire in the belly…keep it there, stoke it, fuel it. You can do it. 100%. Even when everyone’s telling you you can’t. YES you can.” KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE! Hope you enjoy this one folks, because we sure did. Rhys & Leila X

Episode Notes

You can find out more about Alex on his website, as well as the links to all his socials, here.