The Heavy Mental Podcast

The Coping With Health Anxiety Episode with Leila & Rhys

Episode Summary

A couple of days ago, Leila and I sat down to have an informal, impromptu chat about everything that’s been going on during this crazy pandemic. In particular, as a mental health pod, I felt it important to talk about the feelings of health-related anxiety that’ve bubbled to the surface for me recently and some of the ways in which I've been able to cope. These are difficult, uncertain and unprecedented times for all of us and if you already suffer with an anxiety disorder, you're likely to now feel as though you have a greater burden to bear. I hope this episode gives you some sort of respite from your anxiety. I hope it helps. Even if it’s just that you feel a little less alone with your thoughts. Stay safe. Focus on what you can control. Look after yourself. Look after those close to you. Turn off news notifications (now). Observe and adhere to official government advice. And we’ll get through this, one day at a time.