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Focus On What You Can Control with Reece Richiardi

Episode Summary

In this episode, I speak with my mate Reece Richiardi. Reece is the dude behind “Humman” — an online health and wellness service that aims to cultivate and build a community of men who support each other to be better men. This conversation (while in isolation) was actually recorded a few weeks ago, just as the UK lockdown started, but I think it’s just as relevant now seen we’re still in the throes of it all, with no definitive end in sight. We chat about how we’ve been coping during these unpredictable times. What we’ve learned about ourselves. How it’s made us feel. How we’re trying to get through without being bogged down by negativity. And how ultimately, we’re both trying to look for the good in a bad situation. We also chat: Being careful what you feed your mind, how important nature is to good mental health, the physical effects of stress on the body, health anxiety, social media overwhelm, information overload, men’s mental health, assessing our own patterns of behaviour and how fear spreads like a virus.

Episode Notes

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