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How To Use Pain To Make A Positive Change with Ryan Evans

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Ryan Evans: a registered nutritionist, personal trainer, gut health specialist and proponent of holistic self-care, based in New South Wales, Australia. Ryan is a compassionate, caring and empathetic guy who uses his online platform to share his knowledge of health and wellness to improve the lives of others. He describes himself as a “weird hippy dude”, now. Someone who loves connecting with nature, meditating, practicing holistic healing modalities and enjoying the simpler things in life. But this is a far cry from his past. Ryan grew up in a rough part of North London in Tottenham, where violence was an everyday part of his life, and as such, he lived his youth in a perpetual state of fight or flight. Of fear and uneasiness. As the years went on, Ryan turned to the world of bodybuilding to process some of the pent up emotions that had only compounded within him over time. He developed an imposing muscular physique and I don’t use the term “23 stone brick shit house” lightly, but he was just that. His formidable, tough-looking exterior defined him at the time. Even his tattoo choices were provocative, choosing to have LIVE FAST etched into his knuckles. But as Ryan openly says during the episode, it was all a “facade”. He thought that the bigger and scarier he looked as an individual, the next time someone tried to mug him, he wouldn’t have a problem in defending himself. He’d created this character out of necessity, and it acted almost like a shell that protected him from the dangers of the outside world, because inside, he was just a scared young boy that didn’t want to get attacked again. In order to soothe his inner pain, Ryan turned to booze and drugs. Anything that’d temporarily distract him from his physical self and the trauma of his past. His drug of choice, was valium. Lots of it. He ate the stuff like Smarties And that’s alongside the booze and the overeating and the excess that’d become the norm. There just always seemed to be something eating him, be it jealousy, anger or control. But as he puts it, “the Universe had another plan” for him. Over time, Ryan started to realise how much of a problem it’d become and so he attempted to wean himself off the substances, resulting in anxiety-ridden and erratic thoughts. Be he clung on. He sat there with his pain and began to process with it. Understand it. Slowly and gradually. With the help and support of others. He started to see glimpses of a completely different person that resided within. He kicked his drug habit. He stopped the boozing. He unpacked his pain and inner world with the help of a therapist and he consumed knowledge on how to heal himself: with meditation, gratitude, nutrition, affirmations and self-reflection. The tools that he uses today to help other people who are struggling. That was all many years ago and since moving to Australia, Ryan’s flourished. He shed the old version of himself and let go of his former life. He’s started over and utilised the opportunity to tap into his true and authentic self. The one that was inside, deep down all along. Buried underneath the facade. Ryan’s personal journey is just the beginning of this fascinating episode focused around health, wellness, nutrition and mental health. Here’s what other topics you can expect: The brain / gut connection, Ryan’s Miracle Morning Routine, health anxiety, holding onto stress in the body, visualisation, priming your physical and mental state, the role of a positive mindset in overall wellbeing, manifestation, holistic healing methods, spirituality, making things simple, the relationship between nutrition and mental health, yoga and therapy. Hope you get value out of this one, people. Remember: stay safe. Stay sane. Stay home.

Episode Notes

You can find Ryan on Instagram, right here, where he posts about all things health, wellness and nutrition.