The Heavy Mental Podcast

Move, Breath & Trust Yourself with Rae Dwyer

Episode Summary

In this episode, Leila and I are joined by our mate, Rae Dwyer. Rae is a movement and breath work teacher living in our fair city of Cardiff, and is currently in the final stages of completing a yoga therapy course. Rae facilitates healing by teaching the art of being inside a body and they also make music sometimes. In this conversation we talk about a wide array of stuff: undertaking a yoga therapy course, flow, mindfulness, finding and raising your baseline, connecting your mind and body, contracting before you expand, nightmares, getting back in touch with your childhood self, sleeping issues, panic attacks, coping mechanisms, addiction, authenticity, social media, self-sabotage, the importance of presenting yourself as you are and gender identity. We know you'll take something away from this one, because we sure did! Have a great week all. Rhys

Episode Notes

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