The Heavy Mental Podcast

The Breakups Episode with Leila & Rhys

Episode Notes

This week’s theme is all about: BREAKUPS.

We’ve all been through one and no doubt every time, forget how much they can really suck!

We both talk about experiences with breakups in the past. How it felt and what we did in order to piece our lives back together.

We talk amicable breakups, chaotic breakups and complicated breakups.

We discuss whether you can really be friends with your ex.

We talk about dealing with, processing and rebuilding your life after a breakup.

We chat support networks, coping methods and having a little help from your friends — even, who retains what friends post-breakup!?

Thematically, we also cover:

Pain, heartache, change, grief, compromise, dating, social media and anger.

Anyway, please enjoy our chat, all about BREAK-UPS. 


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