The Heavy Mental Podcast

Breakthroughs: Letting Go, Perspective Changes & Allowing The Good In

Episode Summary

Well, where to start with this one: this one was a little bit different! Last week saw some serious shifts in perspective, energy and purpose — particularly for Rhys. So, we decided to do what we love to do: sit down and have an open conversation about it, with the intention of making sense of what happened and sharing it with you guys! We discuss choosing our focus, finding the right therapist, mental breakthroughs, gratitude, letting go, affirmations, meditation, manifestation, challenging negative beliefs, playing characters, creative pressures, change, the notion that we have the ability to choose who we want to be in life and the monumental impact that thoughts can have on your physical being. We hope you're able to take some value from this one. Have a great week! Peace.

Episode Notes

The Joe Dispenza podcast episode we discuss can be found, here — it's an episode of the Aubrey Marcus podcast.