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Brain Surgery Changed My Life with Nina Rabinowitz

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Nina Rabinowitz. Nina is a scientist who studies public health, specialising in epidemiology, living in the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel. She also researches the use of psychedelics and medical decision making and is a self-confessed “spiritual seeker”, having practiced and taught yoga for nearly a decade. Now, on top of all of that, Nina has a particularly interesting story, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before - which is exactly why I wanted to chat to her. Back in 2017, Nina had to undergo emergency brain surgery, after a CT scan revealed that she had a cerebellar tumour. When Nina awoke, she found that her experience of the world had completely altered. So much so, she felt like a different person. Nina’s entire adult life had been lived almost totally unable to feel emotions with any sort of vibrancy and significance — they were “blunted” as she puts it. But after her surgery, things were different. Her mental health had dramatically improved. She was able to see the world through a new lens. We also chat: Psychedelics, counselling, medication, philosophy, science, the importance of surrender, yoga, holotropic breathing, the relationship between exercise and mental health, materialism, cultural difference between Israel and the US and trauma.

Episode Notes

You can find Nina on Instagram, here. For more information, see her website, here.

Nina's book "Triumph By Trepanation" can be purchased via Amazon.