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Leaving The World Better Than We Found It with Jeff Smith (of Bigmoose)

Episode Summary

It’s not every day that you get to speak to somebody who’s climbed Mount Everest at 53, ran the gruelling 254km Marathon Des Sables and helped to raise hundreds of thousands of quid for charity. But in this episode, I speak with Jeff Smith of Cardiff-based charity, Bigmoose, who’s managed to do all of of those things and a whole load more, as you’re about to hear about. Bigmoose was born out of a very sad moment in Jeff’s life: the death of his best mate, Gary “Moose” Cloonan. Moose’s passing made Jeff aware of mortality in a way that he never had been before. So, from that moment on, Jeff vowed to get the most out of every single moment in his life, and this ultimately led to the creation of Bigmoose, which was named in Gary’s honour. The idea behind Bigmoose was simple: “do fun stuff that inspires people to live better, healthier, kinder lives”, as well as living by the ethos - “LEAVING THE WORLD BETTER THAN WE FOUND IT.” During our conversation, we talk about everything from Jeff’s career in professional ice hockey, to his Mount Everest climb, to the formation of Bigmoose and all of the amazing work they do, as well as Bigmoose Coffee Co, which now has a home in the centre of Cardiff - so if you’re passing by, grab a coffee! In terms of themes, we talk: Having no regrets, giving back to the world, hard work, the importance of planning, goal-setting. challenging yourself, the power of teamwork, learning from your mistakes, dealing with critics, coping in a high-pressure environment, mindset, confidence, enthusiasm, the mentality of a professional sportsperson, planting good seeds, being a father, how your actions affect other people and having passion about what you do in your life. This is a HUGE slice of posi inspiration and motivation packed into a power-hour that is NOT to be missed. I know you’re gong to love hearing from Jeff as much as I did chatting to him.

Episode Notes

You can find bigmoose on Instagram, here, and their website, here.  

For bigmoose coffee co, you can find them on Instagram, right here

You can find Jeff on Twitter, here

For more on Nick Butter - the dude who ran a marathon in every country in the world that Jeff speaks about - his website can be found, here, and you can find him on Instagram, here.