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Being Authentic Online with Mari Stracke

Episode Summary

In the episode, I chat with London-based writer, comedian and mental health speaker from Germany, Mari Stracke. Mari is a passionate supporter of the body positivity movement online and describes herself as an “authenticity chaser”. This is a wide-ranging chat that flows into all sorts of areas: from Mari’s experiences with anxiety as a kid when her mother said “she’d bear the weight of the world on her shoulders”, to finding the body positivity movement online, through to her PTSD experience and we also touch on her stand-up comedy work and the role comedy can play in mental health. One of the key themes we cover — and within the title of this episode — is authenticity. In particular, being mindful of authenticity when producing, creating and/or speaking. Thematically, we also chat: Counselling, medication, social media, long form Instagram captions, standards of beauty, using social media for positive change, the diet industry, brand, meditation (as always), being vulnerable and honest online, Mari’s mental health toolkit, burnout, rest, the importance of educating young people about mental health, change, how failure is an inevitable part of success and the power of the present moment. It was a really interesting, open and authentic chat and I really think it could be of value to you, so check it out folks.

Episode Notes

You can find out more about Mari at her website, here

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